The Opioid epidemic claimed yet another beautiful life...

My name is Tammy Talbot, I am the practice Manager at Saving People's Smiles, and the beautiful life lost is my brother... Wally.  My brother was so much more than this horrible addiction that claimed his life. He was an amazing spirit, my friend, my family - heart and soul, my baby brother. Although he was taken from us far too soon, Wally will live on in our hearts and memories forever.

Walter Barbeau Jr. born February 16, 1977, a lifelong NH resident, passed away suddenly on April 6, 2017 of an overdose of opioids and fentanyl. He was forty years young when he lost his battle to drug addiction.  Wally was an educated man, with a passion for life and the world around him. A talented builder, charismatic, caring, funny, and a handsomely beautiful man he was. His spirit and smile left his mark on all those who encountered him. Sadly, substance addiction has no boundaries, coupled with the crippling hold, it was more than Wally could handle. It was "bigger" than he. This insidious disease claimed his life, and it won't stop here.

In Wally's honor, as well as all others who have lost their lives to substance addiction, Saving People's Smiles is looking to fund an oral health initiative, appropriately titled, "Wally's War Against Addiction

In doing so, it is the hope and goal, that together, we may become a voice against addiction and rehabilitate one smile at a time to those in need.

Saving People's Smiles Dental Center is growing exponentially as the demand for the underserved in our community increases with those affected by the opioid crisis. The granite state has the second highest opioid mortality rate in the nation. And, unfortunately, it ranks number one for fentanyl-related deaths per capita.

Sadly, according to the government’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the data collected indicates that 20% of those addicted are unemployed and are either receiving state assistance and or have no possible means at all to restore their oral health. Saving People's Smiles is dedicated to helping those suffering from addiction regardless of income, who are in active recovery, and are in need of oral rehabilitation. 

Saving People's Smiles is dedicated to helping restore oral health and missing teeth to those in need.  With a healthy attractive smile, individuals will have renewed confidence, restored self-esteem, and a feeling of empowerment - giving them a voice to speak out on behalf of their recovery and how it is possible.  With this renewed confidence they can re-engage with family, society, re-enter the work force and have real reasons to smile and feel proud of themselves.  

We ask that you please support our initiative today by making a Tax Free donation and spreading Wally’s War Against Addiction.

It is with our Sincere Appreciation ~ SPS Staff

To make a Tax Free donation by check please make donation payable to:
Saving People's Smiles 
Mail to:
194 Pleasant Street
Suite 6
Concord, N.H. 03301
In Memory of Walter "Wally" Barbeau
February 16th 1977 - April 6th 2017

Use your smile to change the world, Don't let the world change your smile ~